Saturn Returns with Vengeance

Saturn Returns with Vengeance

The next chapter is coming.

And this is the part where you find out who you are – Pinterest (LOL)

If you haven’t heard of your Saturn return, you’ve heard of it by its commercial name of “Quarter Life Crisis”, it’s that time in your twenties when your shit blows up. Maybe you dump old friends, slash your (now ex) boyfriend’s tires after you finally break up with his toxic ass, get rejections, lose your job, and there’s lots of crying. It’s a cosmic mindfuck catapulting you from childhood to adulthood whether you’re ready or not. 

There’s no way around it and just guess who’s turn it is??

My Saturn is in Aquarius and promptly returns on March 21, 2020. I am at the ripe age of 28 and  I would like to say that given the last 5 years of my life lessons, knowing that I am on the verge of a full blown astro cat 5 hurricane doesn’t even scare me, if anything, I am looking forward to it! There’s nothing I’ve wanted more in my life than to evolve into my most powerful and expressive self, and I’m on the verge of it actually happening.

I am a lifelong pursuer of my true self. I have been obsessed with finding my path and revealing my true self since I was a hermit preteen sitting in front of my vanity mirror alone in my room daydreaming about what I would look like and be like in my 20s (spoiler alert: not exactly how I imagined, but not bad). In a lot of ways, this lifelong pursuit hinders the actual execution of anything I have ever imagined I wanted in life, mainly because all I have ever done is daydream about it.  

Basically, ever since I was a teen I spend my time daydreaming or using tv to simulate living my dream life without doing anything to actually make it a reality. There’s alot to unwrap there, but let’s continue.. How wild is that? I have Legally Blonde from my brief stint of wanting to be a lawyer, which serves mostly now for a semi-satisfying power boost that doesn’t require getting off the couch. Then there is Gossip Girl for my inner Blair who leans into her dark, powerful side while dressed in Chanel, has a ride or die friend group and of course, the limos. Finally, there’s Reign, which is a tv show about Mary Queen of Scots, another show about a powerful woman but with a crown and a country. 

What all of these shows have in common is obvious, women who step into their power, their authority and speak their truth. All the things I also want in life. Which is why I am excited for my Saturn return. 

Saturn is in my Third House, which is the house of communication & self expression. Maybe I’ll completely break down everyone’s “idea” of me, maybe I’ll be able to stick to writing and find my voice that way, maybe I’ll start actually expressing myself authentically, maybe I will get made fun of, maybe I will get judged, maybe I’ll lose a friend, maybe I’ll break down. What I do know, is that I am going into Saturn Return one way and I will come out brand new. Sarah 2.0 ready for the next decade. 

I am going to think of Saturn as my bitchy life coach for like the next 9 months, giving me a good swift kick in the ass then patting my head at the end after I’ve evolved into the next phase. TBH, I have a good feeling about it.. I mean I will definitely be dramatic about it, but just know that on the inside I am relishing in the release of all the old trash that I’ve been dragging around forever. 

I hope to follow this up with a summary of how the return went. 

To the future Sarah, I know you killed it girl! Thanks for working through the tough shit, you’re a powerful woman, just like you’ve always wanted to be.

XOXO Sarah Shea

Sarah Shea

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