the ultimate coffee recipe to increase vitality

the ultimate coffee recipe to increase vitality

To this day, I am in AWE of how many natural remedies are available to us just from Mother Earth herself. The fact that people have used herbs and plants to treat all types of conditions for thousands of years before modern medicine is mind blowing to me. That being said, I think it’s pretty clear that I am one to be more drawn to the natural side of healing. So when the benefits and availability of medicinal mushrooms came into my realm, I decided to try it out for myself! 

I was initially inspired by one of my fav instagram accounts that I’ve been following for a bit, @plantsandbalance (fun fact: we are from the same city!). She’s a naturopathic med student who shares a ton of information about her studies. Super interesting and always good vibes, totally worth a follow, js! I particularly loved watching her videos about her morning coffee ritual, it was hypnotizing, plus she always included the recipes for her concoctions. For awhile there, she posted the same recipe numerous times (a vegan bulletproof coffee), which I eventually took a screenshot of, so I could try it out for myself!! 

I was NOT disappointed. 

I should go into a little background on this, I have hypothyroidism and amongst a slew of symptoms (some more obvious than others) one that apparently I was suffering from but didn’t quite realize was BRAIN FOG. I mean, yeah, sometimes it felt like my brain wasn’t firing off quite as fast or I would struggle to find the right words to stay and get stuck, but I really didn’t think anything of it at the time. Little did I know I was about to find out how much I was missing. 

So let’s get to it..

vegan bullet proof coffee

I want to share this recipe that I used, THIS IS THE ORIGINAL SCREENSHOT! I honestly can’t believe I still have it LOL 

Now I did make a minor adjustment, like I used Coconut Oil instead of the Coconut Butter & MCT oil and I would add a dash of cinnamon and/or nutmeg sometimes too. Ohhh, there’s one non negotiable for making this recipe, it has to be mixed in a blender, trust me on that one. 

So I started on my new coffee tonic journey and went to Sprouts to load up on all the goods! I went with OM Mushrooms (which I still use), partly because that is what was recommended to me and partly because it was the only mushroom powder available at Sprouts. I am definitely a one stop shop kinda girl, so I went with it.

Now that I am older and wiser-ish, I would 1000% suggest buying online for a better price, I love me some Amazon Prime (Click here for mushrooms!). 

I took my new coffee ritual very seriously. I had this bulletproof + mushrooms + herbal supplement coffee and I was ready to freaking go! I mean to be honest, I really wasn’t expecting some huge eye opening or even noticeable experience. I knew it would help in the long run and that’s what I was going for. 


The first day drinking my new tonic had my brain feeling EXPANSIVE. That is literally the only way I could describe it. I could literally feel my brain function improve, like the neurons were now really going at it and firing like crazy. It felt like a damn fireworks show in my head. It was both exciting and a little concerning, my brain was working at a level that I hadn’t really ever felt before. 

 I was connected, sharp, inquisitive, articulate and contemplative. It was wild. I wanted to talk about God, the Universe, aliens, spirituality, human nature, space, the ocean, basically a bunch of topics that I had thought about but really couldn’t accurately articulate before. I had a ton of energy and was in a great freaking mood. I couldn’t stop talking.

I felt more connected to the very best version of me that I had been seeking for so long. I had to soak it all up and utilize every bit of spark that I had! It was unreal. After that I was hooked and I drank that same coffee for a long time. Now, I go through phases with my supplements and coffee in general, but I almost always have a least Lion’s Mane on hand. It’s pure gold to me. 

I’ve done some additional research and there are so many different types of medicinal mushrooms that my experience with just two is barely scraping the surface. I mean, the fact that my experience was so impactful definitely has me thinking I need to get on board with a few more.

Here are some quick deets about the two types that I currently use:

  1. Lion’s Mane: Use to fire up your cognitive function, improve focus, inspire creativity, clarity and a hella good mood. a.k.a VIBRANT AF
  2. Cordyceps: Pump up the jamzzzz with a boost of energy and endurance, improve oxygen consumption, support cardiac and respiratory health. a.k.a  ENERGETIC AF

Then, these are the two that I am interested in adding to my supplement roster:

  1. Reishi: ADAPTOGEN, immune and cardiovascular support, longevity, balance mental and physical stress. a.k.a BLISSED AF
  2. Chaga: ADAPTOGEN, anti aging, vitality, sooo many antioxidants, balance metabolic system. a.k.a YOUTHFUL AF
Adaptogen: a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily; whether physical, chemical or biological. 

I don’t know about you but sign me the heck up for being vibrant, energetic, blissful and youthful all day every day!  

At this point, I’m  already fully convinced that medicinal mushrooms are the way to go and they will continue to be part of my wellness routine. Plus I’ve started to up my game a bit too by adding other herbs that I didn’t even mention! Don’t worry, those will be covered at another time. I had to let the ‘shrooms have their well deserved moment in the light first!

I will say this, having this experience fully reinforced my dramatic fascination with all the healing powers of plants and ancient healing traditions. I’m talking full fledged drama too because it all literally blows my mind in a way that I can’t even explain with just words, it requires some big outrageous gestures so you can really understand my level of SHOOK. Hahaha! 

I hope that this has inspired you to do some research for yourself and maybe try out something new and natural to add into your wellness routine, even if just occasionally! 

So, I would LOVE to hear about your experiences with any of the ‘shrooms I’ve mentioned today or others that have left you SHOOK! I love getting recs and hearing stories!


Sarah Shea

Sarah Shea

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