Meditation- A 3 Step Beginners Guide!

Meditation- A 3 Step Beginners Guide!

If you’re even the least bit interested in health then you have 100% ran into something about meditation. Whether it be on social media, Pinterest, magazines or Facebook, it’s easily become a huge buzz word in the last decade. 

Maybe you have a meditation practice or just keep scrolling and don’t think twice about it, either way, I am here to tell you that it’s time to take mediation seriously. I get it, it seems a little woo woo or you think you can’t possibly sit long enough to have a “successful” meditation. Those thoughts have absolutely run through my head too! 

Mediation has been practiced for thousands of years, and with a spike in interest has catapulted it into the mainstream and on the desks of scientists across the globe. There have been more studies done in the last decade than ever before, which is fascinating give how long mediation has been in practice. 

The practice of meditation and ultimately being able to control you own thoughts has a significant positive affect on mental health and overall wellbeing. Many of us, if not all of us, spend a lot of time battling our own thoughts and TBH a lot of us are losing that battle. We get pulled into negative thought patterns that we end up saying so often that we believe them. Some thoughts we made up or someone told us or even society put into our minds subconsciously, regardless without a regular mediation practice these thought patterns wreck havoc on our lives. 

So what I want to do for you is give you 3 easy tips for starting your meditation practice. These are things that I wish someone had told me before I got started and I hope they will be valuable to your journey. 

The Basics First Steps

Let’s start off with an easy one yet often over looked.

Find a comfortable position for YOU. Your back will thank you, your knees with thank you, basically any ailment you have with thank you for not sitting in a position that makes you uncomfortable. Seriously, sounds like common sense right? Not necessarily the case for many people, I know when I started I thought it was absolutely necessary to sit cross legged on the floor with my back straight and shoulders dropped back, it’s the traditional pose, which makes it seem like the “best” way. IT’S NOT. The best mediation posture is the one that is the most comfortable for you. You’ll already have a hard enough time controlling your thoughts in the beginning, no need to add the stress of your back screaming at you or your foot falling asleep. haha! 

There are so many different ways to meditate, here are some examples:   

  • lay down on the floor or your bed
  • sit on a comfy chair with your feet on the floor or crossed in the seat with you
  • sit on the floor with a cushion under your butt
  • lay on the floor with your feet touching and your knees propped up with cushions (this was my first fav position, I love a good hip opening position it helps with emotional release)
  • you can sit/ lay outside in the grass 
  • walking meditations are a thing too
  • coloring or drawing 

I mean I really could go one, but you get the point. Your meditation is ABOUT YOU. Find what you like and change it up when you feel it’s necessary. Anything goes.


My next best piece of advice is to start with Guided Meditations. Your first few times will be brutal and the easiest way to overwhelm yourself is to sit there in silence right from the get go. Complete silence makes your thoughts seem like they are screaming at you! I don’t particularly enjoy getting screamed at and I would feel confident to say that you wouldn’t like it either. LOL 

In my personal experience, finding free guided meditations on Youtube had a huge impact on the quality of my meditations. Guided meditations are so easy to find, seriously, if you type that into Youtube you’ll find hundreds of thousands of options. You can even find them on Spotify or any music streaming service. 

I will say that for starting off there are a few stipulations I would follow when finding a video: under 15 mins, soothing voice, body scan or visualization format. 

You will not love every voice you hear in your search and don’t skimp on that part because its critical for you to truly move into your fully relaxed and quiet mind. It’s also a good idea to do a body scan or visualization because it gives your mind something to focus on and imagine. You’ll be using up so much focus on the journey that your other thoughts will just pass on by.

Lastly, start off small and for goodness sake, be kind to yourself. Again, your first time will likely be brutal. You’ll be sitting there listening to the mediation and your thoughts are going to be going a mile a minute. Think of your brain as an untrained puppy, you’ve been letting it run amuck in your house and barking incessantly, but now you are there putting a leash on it and telling it to be quiet! Yeah no chance that goes well the first time or even the second time LOL 

You’ll most likely go through your first sessions peeping down at the amount of time you’ve been sitting there and probably be disappointed to see 1-2 minutes have elapsed when you feel like its been eternity! It happens to everyone and it will get better with practice! I promise. So don’t freak out, don’t beat yourself up, turn it into a challenge for yourself. Keep showing up for yourself and your practice. Consistency is the key. 


My TOP 3 tips for starting your meditation practice are:

  • Find a comfortable position
  • Use guided meditations
  • Start of small & be patient

These are lessons I learned the hard way and I hope these tips will be able to make the beginning of your meditation practice more enjoyable and higher quality. Once you catch on and reach the “void” (fully quieted mind, deeply relaxed state) you’ll quickly start craving the feeling. 

It’s unparalleled and fascinating. 

You’ll feel expansive and boundless. 

I would love to hear how these tips helped you and how you feel after your first couple times! Let me know in the comments <3


Sarah Shea

Sarah Shea

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