fall asleep fast tonight with asmr

fall asleep fast tonight with asmr

(whisper voice) “I’m talking about A–S–M–R”

Maybe you’ve seen it on the news or stumbled across a buzzfeed article on Facebook. Even better, how about when the Zoe Kravitz starred in that mesmerizing beer commercial. UGHH, I basically turned into a relaxed puddle of a human when I first saw that commercial, then appropriately FREAKED because it was going to be on National T.V. for the Super Bowl!!

Michelob Ultra Pure Super Bowl Commercial 2019

But I gotta ask, did you feel anything when she was whispering into the mic or when you could hear the fuzzy noise of the foam on top of the beer? If you forgot, you can click the picture for a refresher!

If you did, then you my friend are ASMR sensitive! Congratulations and welcome to the next part of your life, you’ve got a relaxation hack now!

ASMR is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is defined by Dictionary.com as “a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound.”

Basically, we can use specific stimuli, both audible and visual, to trigger a part of the brain that leads to a sense of deep relaxation that can ease anxiety and stress or help you fall asleep! 

Crazy, right? The Brain blows my mind sometimes (LOL), sidebar.. Anyone else think it’s crazy that the Brain named itself??? SHOOK

Had to get that off my chest, ok back to the original content…

My First ASMR experiences

My first memory of ASMR is when my grandmother would tuck me into bed as a child. She would tickle my arm and give me “angel kisses” (very soft kisses on my face) right before bed to help me relax and fall asleep. Obviously I didn’t know it was ASMR at the time and definitely thought everyone felt the “tingles” on the back of their head and down their spine. I mean, my grandma would of had to have ASMR too if she knew that it would help me fall asleep, right? You know what, I have never actually asked her about it. I should do that…

Along with the tingles, the personal attention made me feel safe, loved and very relaxed. It was definitely a HUGE perk (among many) of staying the night at my grandma and grandpa’s house boat. Yes, my grandparents lived on a boat for most of my childhood and it was awesome! 

Even as I got older my ASMR experienced turned into my cousins and I tickling each other’s back during sleepovers and taking turns playing with each other’s hair. It was like a mandatory sleepover event and we would even time ourselves by staring at a clock to make sure we all got the same amount of back tickling. Sometimes fights would even occur and you would definitely get called out for sub par tickling!

I got into the ASMR community probably 4 years ago, when I was struggling at my high stress job and couldn’t sleep at night. I think I had seen a random article online and I looked up ASMR on Spotify and found GentleWhispering ASMR. At this point I had no idea about the visual aspect so I got started with audio only AND OMG DID IT WORK. I fell asleep the first night in under 10 minutes and that was all the convincing I needed. I listened to ASMR almost every single night after that. My stress would decrease and I would feel just good, which at that time was not an easy feeling to come by. 

Find Your Triggers

So at this point, you must be wondering where you can find some tingle inducing ASMR triggers to try out for yourself!  


As a huge ASMR fan, I have scoured the internet for the best ASMRtists (that’s what the content creators are called in the ASMR community, clever huh!), so I can confidently give you a few suggestions. I will note that triggering ASMR is highly individualistic, everyone has different triggers and you’ll even have a preference for how those triggers are done. Don’t panic, ASMR videos are HUGELY popular on Youtube so there will def be something that works for you! 

As you’ve probably guessed, my top three triggers are whispering, slow hand movements and personal attention. If those don’t do it for ya, don’t be discouraged, there are tons of options for triggers: soft spoken, tapping, brushing, mouth sounds, smiling, scalp massage, haircutting, typing, page turning, ambient sounds, crackling fire, inaudible whispers, water sounds.. I could go on, but for the sake of time I’ll stop there. 

One thing I will warn is that some ASMRtists you may stumble across like to teeter on the line of sexualization. ASMR in itself is not a sexual experience, but in combination with sexualized visual stimulation and a flirtatious script it can become one. It’s a genre of ASMR much the same as you would have genres of books. Books and reading in general are not a sexual experience but if you pick up an erotica then welp, it is now! 

What I am getting at is that it is a common misconception that ASMR is sexual, but it’s not, so don’t let one genre deter you from exploring the benefits of ASMR. There are a lot more innocent and 100% relaxation based content out there than the sexualized stuff. But it’s there and must be addressed, I wouldn’t want you to hop in without knowing and find a video that makes you sooo uncomfortable that it deters you completely. 

My Top 5 ASMRtists (you can find on Youtube, Spotify or the Tingles App)

  1. GentleWhispering: Maria has the BEST whispering and soft spoken voice, plus she’s a real OG ASMRtist. I’ve been watching her for like 5 years and I hardly ever get to the end of a video without falling asleep. 
  2. Latte ASMR: Latte has a really high attention to detail and you can see how passionate she is about her work just by the quality of her content alone. She has magical personal attention videos and the sweetest, most caring energy. 
  3. Goodnight Moon: Erin is a MASTER STORYTELLER. She’s an artist and highly skilled at creating beautiful videos that look like they are straight off a movie set. 
  4. Miracle Forest: This is an ambiance ASMR channel, which basically means that they create rooms or environments and create the sounds that you would hear in that setting. I loved the Haunted Mansion ambiance that came out around Halloween last year. It was divine with sounds of creaking wood floors, cackling fire and rain, which basically knocked me out. 
  5. FredsVoice: This is one of the only male ASMRtists I really enjoy. He kinda looks like Thor and makes videos that are more focused on sounds (his tapping sounds are 100). I do like his voice a lot too, even though I usually prefer women’s voices for ASMR. 

I will also add that in order to have the most epic ASMR experience HEADPHONE ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. CLick on either picture to get to their YouTube Channel! I follow all of them of course 🙂

ASMRtists use highly specialized microphones that pick up really delicate sounds and give you the sensation that you are being spoken to in one ear or another, in front of you or behind you. All to give you the best and most tingly experience! 

ASMR and it’s content creators are fully dedicated to relieving your stress and anxiety, as well as helping you fall asleep. If you are ASMR sensitive, you were literally born with a relaxation hack in your brain, so consider yourself v lucky!

Relaxation & the every coveted SLEEP is just a few clicks away for you at any given moment, so why not try it out tonight! Pop in those earphone and make sure your morning alarm is set FR though, cause it’s likely you’ll fall asleep in like the first 20 minutes LOL

Sleep Tight!

XOXO, Sarah Shea

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