My top 5 vegan recipes & products for the veg-curious
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My top 5 vegan recipes & products for the veg-curious

Many people may be curious about all the recent coverage of these HUGE fast food chains offering plant based burger options. The Beyond Famous Star and the Impossible Whopper are only the most recent and large scale offerings of vegan options. The burgers have to be made vegan aka no cheese and no mayo, but overall the amount of access to vegan food has rapidly increased even just since I went vegan like 3 years ago. 

 Companies are jumping into the vegan market in all arenas: frozen food, ice cream, desserts, fast food, donuts.. Basically anything that you thought couldn’t be veganized, now is! It’s truly a blessing to live in this time where the vegan options are booming, an absolute blessing. 

In celebration of these HUGE strides for the vegan movement, I want to share some of the recipes and products that saved my liiiiife when I first went vegan. For some reference, I was addicted to fast food only a day before I went vegan and food was my ultimate comfort zone, so I basically went and threw a wrench in my whole lifestyle at that time.

Overall a huge milestone for me, but nonetheless the struggle was real. PS I don’t suggest going vegan overnight, in case you’re wondering LOL 


I’m only going to list 5 right now, but if you’re interested in getting more suggestions comment here or DM me on IG, I would love to give you some tips! 

**Don’t worry, I will post a few follow ups to this topic because I have TONS of recs**

These are my FAVORITE vegan recipes and products that I leaned on heavily in the beginning of my journey. 

FAIR WARNING: I’m OBSESSED with the Fuss Free Vegan Cookbook by Sam Turnbull, her story is soooo relatable for me and we have really similar views on veganism. Once you read the intro to her cookbook you’ll get her vibe: not preaching, not pretentious and 100% dedicated to not being the “weird vegan girl” as she would call it. LOL! Totally me AF. 

I’ll link the recipes to her blog, “It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken”, but still highly recommend buying the book. Mine has pages full of food smudges and bent corners; it’s well loved and deeply cherished.

My Top 5 Vegan Recipes & Products for Vegan-Curious Cooks

  1. Hands down, HOMEMADE VEGAN RANCH. Found this recipe from an amazing vegan mukbanger (Madison), who veganizes all types of popular restaurant and fast food meals and shares her recipes. SUPER EASY AND DELICIOUS AF.
  2. Tofu Bolognese from the Fuss-Free Vegan cookbook (website linked), turn on some Italian music and pour yourself an organic cab for a truly immersive and joyful cooking experience, that’s what I do!
  3. All Hail Caesar Salad (again from Fuss-Free Vegan Cookbook), one HUGE takeaway I got from this recipe is how FREAKING EASY it is to make croutons, seriously. I was shook. You’ll see. I dont make the mushroom bacon TBH but I’m sure it’s delicious!
  4. Trader Joe’s Vegan Pesto- I was introduced by my sister’s vegan roommate and it’s now a staple in my fridge. I haven’t found any other vegan pesto options in other stores, so TJ’s really cornered the market on that one. Simple ingredients, nothing weird and totally mind blowing. 
  5. Ben & Jerry’s Non Dairy Ice Cream- I had to put something sweet on this list and the Cherry Garcia is my FAV. There’s something like 7 flavors available now! I’ve been able to find them in all major grocery stores easy peasy, which I love. Some of their stores even sell select flavors by the scoop! Get your paws on them and good luck not eating the whole pint!! 

OMGG, ok,  I literally  had to stop myself from making this list a mile long! UGH, it really takes me back to how I felt trying all these new recipes and products in the beginning and how much absolute JOY it brought me. Not to mention I was eating like a KING. I also loved making recipes for my family and making them try it so I could prove to them that my food was just as good, if not better than theirs LOL 

All in all, I keep a healthy mix of natural, whole food recipes and vegan junk food options on hand so I have what I want when I’m hungry. I would say at first I leaned more on the processed vegan food, because it helped make transitioning easier, but now that I’ve got some time under my belt I make more natural, whole food meals. Either way, it’s all about moderation! There’s food for the body and there’s food for the soul, both are important in my eyes! 

Go ahead and try out these recipes and let me know what you think in the comments! I can’t wait to share all that I’ve learned through my journey with you and help you make some changes to your lifestyle as well! 

I am so passionate about the benefits of veganism for your health, the environment and of course, the animals, so I would love to help you navigate your transition to veganism, let’s chat and make sure to follow my socials and sign up for email updates!


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