the first step to improve your health: drink water

the first step to improve your health: drink water

Question: When was the last time you had enough water? Not iced coffee or a Diet Coke, but like a normal glass glass of water. 

I’ll be honest with you, for like 4 years my liquid intake consisted of coffee, Diet Coke and of course, ending the night with a few glasses of wine. I mean, it seemed normal at the time and lots of people did the same thing. I knew not drinking water wasn’t good but at the time I didn’t realize how bad it made me feel.

I mean, we are 75% water. It’s quite literally a magical liquid provided by the Earth that we require. You can go weeks without food, but a few days without water. I later learned that many of my health concerns were related to dehydration. 

I remember when I first started drinking a gallon of water a day, it seemed like A LOT, but I was up for the challenge. So, I carried a gallon jug around with me everywhere, which was weird to get used too, BUT DAMN, I started feeling really good.

Ultimately, my gallon jug a day challenge led to some weight loss and overall improved quality of life for me. I mean I think I went around telling everyone to just drink more water. Don’t harp over the working out or eating portion when you could just drink water to get what you want LOL  

That being said, if you are even remotely interested in improving your health, it would be safe to say that step one would be:

Drink More Water

What many of us may not realize is that dehydration is actually the cause of many health issues. 

You want to improve your skin? Drink water and get that clear, glowing hydration

You want to lose weight? Drink water and give you body a chance to detox, raise your metabolism, increase energy and naturally suppress appetite. 

Suffer from indigestion? Drink water to lubricate your organs and flush out the toxins in your body.

Want to prevent a hangover? Drink water 1:1 ratio with your alcohol.

I mean there are so many ailments that we deal with everyday that can be prevented with water. 

Now, I know your next question:

Sarah, how much water should I drink?

We would start at a foundational amount which through my research would be to half your body weight and drink that amount in ounces, for example, you weigh 180lbs then you would want to aim for 90 ounces of water per day. Now this number can change depending on your environment, your diet, your body composition and physical activity for the day. As with everything health related, your body will require something different than another person and it will take some trial and error to figure out what works best for you.  

I aim to drink 3 of my 32oz reusable water bottles per day. It goes everywhere with me, to work, in the car, to the store, of course to any workout class (to which I add another 32oz serving to the list!).  Even next to my beer, as seen below LOL

You don’t need to get an expensive water bottle, I just found mine on Amazon. It looks like a Hydro Flask but is a different brand. Works great, keeps water cool and doesn’t sweat so my paperwork on my desk doesn’t get ruined, plus it comes in many colors! You can find it if you click the picture. There are tons of Amazon options, so just take your pic! I mean a good old fashioned gallon jug works too, whatever you need.

There’s really tons of options, so you’ll find something for sure. You could even try Marshalls or TJ Maxx, they have a good selection sometimes too! Ohhh make her cute too, find some stickers on Etsy or Amazon. I’ve seen some real cute with a monogram, flowers or brand/band stickers!  I have a gorg sunflower sticker I’m thinking of adding to mine!

Now that she’s glammed up, tote her around! Fill her up when you wake up, again before you leave the house and maybe another time on the road. I used to fill mine at Starbucks when in a pinch, but right now that isn’t doable. This might mean you buy the bigger water bottle or tote around a gallon jug that wouldn’t necessarily need refills throughout the day. 

It’ll take some getting used too and don’t beat yourself up if you forget or don’t hit your intake goals right away. Keep trying and pushing forward! 

At one point you won’t even have to think about it anymore and you’ll be hydrated and feeling fineeee!

Sarah Shea

Millennial Hippie. Soul Searcher. Herbivore. Visionary. Woman on a Mission. My purpose is to help you transform your self doubt, helplessness and overwhelm into the fuel for that spark in your soul. I’ll help you find radical self love, live the life you love, and develop the confidence to take ownership of your health and wellbeing.