hey girl!

Let’s Ignite a Real Passion for Your Life

Meet Your Spiritual Fire-Starter, Sarah Shea

hey girl!

Let’s Ignite a Real Passion for Your Life

Meet Your Spiritual Fire-Starter, Sarah Shea

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Sarah Shea. I am a lifelong soul searcher, lover of all things magical and a certified wellness coach, who has IRL helped a stranger at a bar figure out their birth chart between shots of tequila (still have the chart saved on my phone, btw).

On any given day you’ll find me vibing to some girl power playlists on Spotify, dancing in the mirror and sipping bubbly water (or wine… okay most likely wine). 

I can pretty much guarantee that I am wearing ripped up jeans, layers of gold necklaces and my messy curly auburn sex hair look any day of the week. I mean truly there’s really no other way to describe it and it’s just so on brand…

I wish I could say I’ve always been as powerful, expressive and passionate as I am now, but, as you could guess, that’s not the case. The challenges in my life echo with that of all my hunnies, hunnies being any person that identifies as a woman. 

A back-to-back showcase of bullying, body image issues, chronic illness, diet culture, bad relationships, frenemies, toxic cycles and of course, the patriarchy have left me feeling less than for way too long…

Oh, you too...?

I figured as much! Don't fret- things can get better.

For some reference, now I wake up every morning knowing that I create my own reality and feeling deeply grateful to myself and the universe for all of it. I know myself better than I ever have, I’ve re-evaluated all my relationships, set healthy boundaries, started seriously pursuing my passions, found acceptance within myself, and, most importantly, I prioritize having fun and living my most passionate life.

The purpose of creating this sacred internet space of my own is to support all my hunnies that are seeking to unapologetically live their most expressive and passionate lives. 

Whether you’re in pursuit of hot sex, radical self love, or cash money, or you're looking to infuse your life with a little magic, OR you want it ALL... you’ll find what you need here!

You deserve to live the life of your dreams.

You are worthy, capable and powerful beyond your imagination.

Connect with me on my socials & get ready to live life fully LIT UP.