About Me

laughing woman in front of wall art

Looks like it’s time for an introduction! 

My name is Sarah Shea!

I was born and raised in sunny San Diego and currently living out my childhood dream of living and working in downtown. I am a lifelong soul searcher, wellness aficionado & vegan food lover. I like to spend my time vibing out to girl power playlists on Spotify, drinking sparkling water while scrolling through Pinterest and building elaborate vision boards. 

What you’ll find here is basically a showcase of all the things I love the most when it comes to lifestyle, vegan food, spirituality, fashion and travel. Oh and I love some inspirational quotes, so you’ll get a good dose of that here too.

Ultimately my goal is to inspire and support other women who are in pursuit of becoming the best version of themselves and manifesting their dream lifestyle, LIKE ME! Let’s visualize it real quick, close your eyes for a second and see that dream life.

Ooooooh girl, the chills. 

Here you will find advice, tips & inspiration on these topics:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Vegan Living
  • General Lifestyle

So if that’s what you’re into, then make sure to follow my socials for updates on my posts & please remember my messages and dm’s are always open!


Sarah Shea